William Yeoward "Odette" Crystal Collection

  Odette Conversation Vase A very attractive range of crystal Vases with oval cuts…very striking! So pretty to display your favorite flowers in! Indulge in the elegance of Yeoward Odette Conversation Vas-Crystal Vase, a stunning collection of vases adorned with delicate oval cuts. The modern design is truly eye-catching and provides the perfect display for showcasing your most cherished flowers. Elevate your home décor with this exquisite addition to your collection. Elevate your home with distinctive elegance with Yeoward Odette Conversation Vas-Crystal Vase. Featuring delicate oval cuts and modern design, this stunning collection adds a sophisticated touch to any room. It's the perfect way to display your favorite flowers and enhance the ambiance of your living space. Indulge in the luxury of Yeoward and elevate your décor to new heights.
  • Odette Conversation Vase
  • Item: 802806
  • Collection: Crystal - "Odette" Vases 
  • Color: Clear
  • Dimensions Height: 6½" / 165mm | Rim Diameter: 6" / 165mm |
  • Base Diameter: 3½" / 90mm
  • Material: Handmade Crystal
  • Pattern: Odette
  • Handwashing Recommended