William Yeoward "Jasmine" Country Collection 

The William Yeoward Jasmine Footed 7" Vase is a timeless piece with a unique edge. Crafted with a hand-engraved Jasmine Vine pattern, it has straight sides and a generous foot to make flower arranging easy. Featuring both elegant design and practical shape, it adds beauty and functionality for an impressive floral display. Perfect for any home or garden décor, this vase is ideal for effortlessly arranging flowers and creating vibrant bouquets for all to enjoy. Made of premium crystal and hand-engraved with a Jasmine Vine pattern, this William Yeoward vase adds a unique touch to any home or garden décor. Its foot allows for easy flower arranging and the generous opening ensures maximum flower display. Its simple design and practical shape ensures it can be used for both formal and casual settings, allowing you to create beautiful bouquets that will impress all.
  • Jasmine Footed 7" Vase
  • Item: 805486
  • Collection:  Country - "Jasmine" Vases 
  • Color: Clear
  • Dimensions: Height: 7" / 180mm | Rim Diameter: 4" / 104mm |
  • Base Diameter: 3¾" / 94mm
  • Material: Handmade Glass
  • Pattern: Jasmine
  • Handwashing recommended