Corinne Crystal Goblet 12oz

Corinne Goblet features a classic, vertical optic motif reminiscent of 1920s glassware. Its versatile design allows it to easily transition from traditional to modern settings, making it an ideal choice for both daily use and special occasions. Perfect for holding water or a luxuriant glass of wine. Practical and stylish. A timeless piece that adds an elegant touch to your table. Crafted with quality in mind, Corinne Goblet is designed to both withstand daily use and impress guests at your next dinner gathering. This timeless piece is built to last and adds an extra layer of sophistication to any dining setting. The Corinne Goblet is made from quality materials with its classic, vertical optic motif that combines practicality with style. Suitable for both everyday use and special events, it is perfect for imbibing both water and luxurious wines.

  • Color: Clear
  • Capacity: 380ml / 12.5oz
  • Dimensions: 9¼" / 23.7cm
  • Material: Handmade Glass
  • Pattern: Corinne