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 William Yeoward "Artemis" Studio Collection

   Artemis Vase Bring elegance and sophistication into your home with the Artemis Vase from William Yeoward's "Artemis" Studio Collection. This 8 inch & 12 inch vase offers a unique and luxurious touch to any room, elevating the ambiance with its artistic design and delicate craftsmanship. The perfect addition to your home décor, this vase is sure to impress and become a centerpiece for admiration. Add a touch of grandeur to your home with the "Artemis" Vase from William Yeoward's "Artemis" Studio Collection. This stunning 8 inch & 12 inch vase boasts exquisite design and expert craftsmanship, making it the perfect addition to your sophisticated home décor. With its luxurious appearance and artistic flair, the vase is sure to captivate and become the focal point of any room. Enhance your space with the elegant charm of the "Artemis" Vase.

  • Artemis Vase
  • Collection: Studio - "Artemis" Vases 
  • Color: Clear
  • Item: (840106Dimensions Height:   8½" / 215mm | Rim Diameter: 4½" / 117mm |Base Diameter: 3½" / 90mm
  • Item: (840107Dimensions Height:  12" / 300mm | Rim Diameter: 6" / 155mm |Base Diameter: 4½" / 120mm
  • Material: Handmade Glass
  • Pattern: Artemis
  • Handwashing Recommended