↥ 0.94 inch / Ø 8.66 inch / 12.17 oz.


Porcelain table service decorated with birds and floral motifs


Introducing the Volière Porcelain Table Service, a distinguished collection within our esteemed Impero line, where the splendor of nature meets the pinnacle of artisanal craftsmanship. Inspired by the botanical illustrations and bird studies of the 1800s, this exquisite tableware celebrates the timeless beauty of flora and fauna.

Each piece in the Volière collection is adorned with meticulously hand-drawn designs, originally sketched on aged paper and now brought to life in vibrant hues. Delicate hummingbirds and a variety of colorful birds grace the porcelain, capturing the wild yet mesmerizing essence of nature. The warm floral motifs, carefully rendered, add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the ensemble.

Our skilled artisans have masterfully blended historical charm with contemporary aesthetics, creating a style that is both opulent and refined. The subtle yet rich color palette is complemented by luxurious gold trimmings, making each piece a statement of elegance and heritage.

Whether for a special occasion or everyday use, the Volière Porcelain Table Service transforms any dining experience into a celebration of beauty and craftsmanship. Embrace the artistry and tradition that define our Impero line with this unique and captivating collection.


  • Volière Dessert Plates
  • Dessert Plates
  • Collection: Volière 
  • Diameter: 8.66 inch / Height: 0.94 inch
  • Weight: 12.17 oz.
  • Material: Porcelain with a hand-painted pure gold floral decoration
  • Care: Do not microwave GOLD rim / Use dishwasher with extra care (max 50°C / 120°F)
  • Brand: Ginori


By Ginori