Things Above Card

Presenting the Set Your Mind Card, a profound expression of spiritual guidance and introspection designed to inspire a shift towards higher perspectives. Fronted with the empowering words of Colossians 3:2, "Set your mind on things above," this card serves as a gentle nudge to redirect our focus towards the transcendent and eternal.

Featuring captivating artwork by David Arms, renowned for his soul-stirring creations, the Set Your Mind Card measures 5" x 7", making it a striking addition to any space. The front message encapsulates the essence of spiritual mindfulness, urging us to fix our thoughts on heavenly realms amidst life's distractions and challenges.

Turn to the back of the card, and you'll discover a poignant reflection: "The state of our mind often indicates the state of our heart. It's the setting of our mind on things above that changes the way we navigate here below." These words serve as a gentle reminder of the profound connection between our thoughts and our innermost being, highlighting the transformative power of a heavenly perspective.

Whether gifted to a friend in need of encouragement or kept as a personal token of spiritual growth, the Set Your Mind Card invites us to elevate our consciousness, embrace divine wisdom, and embark on a journey towards greater clarity, peace, and purpose.

  • Things Above Card
  • Greeting Card
  • Occasion: All
  • Card Color: Ivory
  • Envelope Color: Brown
  • Artist/Designer: Card with original artwork by Bewilderbeest
  • Packaged in a clear sleeve for protection
  • 300g ivory hammered card stock with a recycled brown envelope
  • Blank Inside
  • Size:  5”x7” (127mm X 178mm)
  • SKU: PFDAGC00133
  • BC: 81684788
  • UPC: 8-50043-05621-8
  • Brand: Hester & Cook