Thankful Card

Introducing our heartfelt "Thankful" Card, designed by the renowned artist David Arms. With a simple yet profound message gracing the front - "Thankful" - this card embodies the essence of gratitude and appreciation.

Measuring 5" x 7", each card is a canvas for expressing your thanks in a meaningful way. Whether you're expressing gratitude for a kind gesture, a thoughtful act, or simply the presence of someone special in your life, this card provides the perfect opportunity to convey your heartfelt thanks.

Adorned with art by David Arms, known for his evocative and soul-stirring creations, this card captures the beauty of gratitude in its purest form. With each stroke of the brush, Arms brings to life the sentiment of thankfulness, inviting both sender and recipient to pause and reflect on life's blessings.

Send a message of appreciation that speaks volumes with our "Thankful" Card, a timeless expression of gratitude and joy.

  • Thankful Card
  • Greeting Card
  • Occasion: All
  • Card Color: Brown
  • Envelope Color: Brown
  • Artist/Designer: DAVID ARMS 
  • Packaged in a clear sleeve for protection
  • 300g ivory hammered card stock with a recycled brown envelope
  • Blank Inside
  • Size:  5”x7” (127mm X 178mm)
  • SKU: PFDAGC0016
  • BC: 24913716
  • UPC: 8-50043-05620-1
  • Brand: Hester & Cook