William Yeoward "Fern" Crystal Collection

Tall Pitcher Fern This Pitcher is a super star in our favorite Fern pattern! It stands at 26cm high with a graceful handle and beautiful engraving all around the body of the piece. The Pitcher is hand blown and engraved. This will become a treasured piece in your collection. This Pitcher is an elevated work of art, boasting intricate details that will captivate the eye. From the graceful handle carefully crafted for balance and ease of use to the beautiful engravings etched around its pourable body, it's a statement piece that will become a treasured part of your collection.
  • Tall Pitcher Fern
  • Item: 803270
  • Collection: Crystal - "Fern" Jugs & Pitchers 
  • Color: Clear
  • Capacity: 1300ml / 44oz
  • Dimensions: 10 ¼" / 26cm
  • Material: Handmade Glass
  • Pattern: Fern
  • Handwashing Recommended