Sologne Mug Duck

Discover the wildlife of Sologne. Sologne is a region of central France renowned for its abundant game. It is a beautiful place to quietly observe the inhabitants of the forests and lakes.

Gien Faience is 100% manufactured at the Faiencerie de Gien located in the Loire Valley in France. The uniqueness of fine Gien Faience is due to the natural ingredients used, its quality designs and forms. The clay paste, plaster casts, and glaze recipes are all formulated and produced exclusively at the Gien factory. All stages of production are carried out there, starting with a heap of earth and working through to the final product. A Gien dinner plate requires 26 different ingredients and passes through the hands of 30 skilled craftsmen and women, all experts in their field.

  • Sologne Mug Duck
  • Mug
  • Color/Design: Brown wildlife   
  • Dimensions: 10oz
  • Materials: Clay Paste, Plaster Casts, and Glaze Recipes
  • Care: To keep your Gien Faience looking like new, it is recommended that you avoid exposing it to strong temperature variations. It is dishwasher safe. 
  • 100% manufactured France
  • Brand: Gien

Mug Duck Sologne

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By Gien