Riviera Square Matches

 The square box features a Sealife - themed design, which might include images or patterns related to marine life such as fish, shells, or underwater scenes. This design could vary based on the specific product variant or collection. The matches are typically made from wood with a striking surface on the side of the box. The box itself may be made from cardboard or a similar durable material. The square box is approximately 4.25 inches in size. This size makes it compact and convenient for storage and carrying in bags or pockets. The box is reusable, implying that it can be refilled with matches once the original set is used up. This feature adds value and sustainability to the product. The box contains 60 matches. This quantity should provide an ample supply for lighting fires, candles, stoves, or other uses that require matches. Being made in Europe, the product may adhere to certain manufacturing standards and quality controls common in European countries, ensuring reliability and safety. The brand name "Riviera" suggests a connection to coastal or seaside themes, which could align with the Sealife design of the matches.

  • Riviera Square Matches
  • Beverage Napkin
  • Artist/Designer: ANJA RIEBENSAHM
  • Color: White
  • Dimension: 4.25"
  • Material: Made of soft, 3-ply paper, ensuring they are absorbent and durable.
  • SKU: 27247
  • BC: 90186036
  • EAN: 
  • Brand: Paperproducts Design
  • Made in Germany