Elevate your holiday décor with our exquisite Currin and Cade 8 cm Polka Dots glass ornament. Each ornament is a work of art, meticulously mouth-blown and hand-painted to perfection, with a delicate touch of glitter detail for that extra sparkle.

  These stunning ornaments are generously sized at 8 cm, making them a prominent feature in any setting. You can choose from three captivating color combinations to suit your style and ambiance: Emerald & Celadon: A rich and opulent pairing that exudes timeless sophistication. Aqua & Emerald: A refreshing blend of colors that adds a vibrant touch to your décor. Fuchsia & Soft Pink: A harmonious fusion of bold and subtle hues, creating a striking contrast.

  Whether you're adorning your Christmas tree or adding a touch of glamour to your year-round décor, these ornaments are a perfect choice. Each one is a unique piece of art, and they make for a great gift to cherish and share. Make your space shine with the Currin and Cade 8 cm Polka Dots ornament.

  • Size: 8cm (approximately 3.15 inches)
  • Material: Mouth-blown glass
  • Hand-painted
  • Glitter detailing
  • Color Options: EMERALD, AQUA, SOFT PINK