Step into an opulent setting with the ADELITA SACRED HEART CANDLE. This exquisite hand-poured candle is encased in a refined glass votive and adorned with a delicate mouth-blown glass heart. Bask in the soft glow and delicate design of this luxury candle. The carefully crafted glass votive and delicate glass heart add an exclusive touch to any room. Experience the sophisticated artistry and indulgence of this premium product. Illuminate your space and elevate its elegance with the ADELITA SACRED HEART CANDLE. Remember to trim the wick and remove the raffia before lighting. Always monitor the candle while it burns and do not let it burn too low, as the glass may become hot and break.
  • Adelita Sacred Heart
  • Color: Candle - White / Heart - Clear
  • Dimensions: 3” x 3” x 6”
  • Features signature flower ornament.
  • Trim wick and remove raffia before burning.
  • Never leave a lit flame unattended, or allow the candle to burn too low, as the glass can become hot and break.
  • Brand: Jan Barboglio
  • SKU: 2086
  • Made In Mexico