These luxurious Pat Hummingbird with Hat beverage napkins are a high-quality and environmentally-friendly option for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their gatherings. The use of soft, 3-ply paper suggests durability and absorbency, making them practical for various occasions.

The fact that they are naturally bleached without chlorine is a positive feature for those who prioritize environmentally-conscious choices, as it reduces the environmental impact associated with the manufacturing process.

Being made in Germany may also add to the perceived quality, as Germany is known for its precision and craftsmanship in various industries.

The resealable opening in the packaging adds a practical touch, allowing users to easily store and preserve the unused napkins for future use. Overall, these napkins seem to combine functionality, luxury, and environmental consideration, making them an attractive option for those who appreciate quality and sustainability.

  • Pat Beverage Napkins
  • Beverage Napkins
  • Color: White
  • Artist: VICKI SAWYER
  • Dimension: 5" x 5"
  • Paper Products Design
  • SKU: 1254304
  • GTIN: 40298548
  • Made in Germany