↥ 1.02 inch / Ø 8.46 inch / 12.91 oz


Take the Original Vecchio Ginori shape and experience the unparalleled elegance of the Ginori Oro Di Doccia Dessert Plate, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends Oriental tradition with contemporary design. This exquisite collection pays tribute to the timeless virtue of pride deeply ingrained in Oriental culture, featuring intricate floral hatchings brought to life by the graceful Ji Ondori Gauls.

The Oro Di Doccia collection is a harmonious fusion of Oriental sophistication and modern aesthetics. It captures the essence of pride with its intricate designs and the presence of Ji Ondori Gauls, symbolic creatures of pride in Oriental culture. These elegant animals, representing pride and grace, adorn each piece in this collection, adding an artistic and sophisticated touch to your dining experience.

Oro Di Doccia is steeped in the rich heritage of porcelain craftsmanship that spans generations. When you select the Oro Di Doccia Magenta Dessert Plate, you are not just purchasing a piece of tableware; you are bringing home a piece of history and timeless elegance.

Choose from a range of exquisite colors to suit your personal style and table setting. Options include, Magenta (purplish-red), Giada (green jade), and Turchese (turquoise), allowing you to customize your dining experience to your liking.

  • Material: High-quality porcelain
  • Size: Dessert plate size (exact dimensions can be provided)
  • Color Options: Original (White), Magenta, Giada, Turchese
  • Not suitable for the microwave
  • Dishwasher safe on delicate cycle (max 50°C)
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended to preserve the intricate details and colors.
By Ginori