It sounds like the Old Glory Beverage Napkin is a high-quality and environmentally friendly option for various events. Each package contains 20 napkins, making it convenient for events with a moderate number of guests. The resealable opening suggests that the napkins can be stored easily and stay fresh between uses. The napkins are crafted in Germany, known for its reputation in producing quality products. The use of soft, 3-ply paper indicates a commitment to providing a durable and comfortable product. The napkins are made from 3-ply paper that is naturally bleached without the use of chlorine. This feature promotes eco-friendliness and may appeal to consumers who prioritize environmentally sustainable products. Described as perfect for any event, the napkins are likely suitable for a variety of occasions, offering versatility to consumers. The product is advertised as offering durability and softness that consumers can trust, suggesting a focus on both quality and comfort.

          Overall, the 

          Old Glory Beverage Napkin

          seems to be a well-crafted, environmentally conscious option for those in need of beverage napkins for events or gatherings.

          • Old Glory Beverage Napkin
          • Beverage Napkin
          • Artist/Designer: Paper Rose
          • Color: Flag
          • Count: 20
          • Dimension: 5" x 5"
          • Paper Products Design
          • SKU: 125002645
          • GTIN: 51578676
          • Made in Germany