803274 / 803275 

William Yeoward Classic Picture Frame Collection 

  The Nickel-plated finish of The New Classic 5x7 Frame is designed to maintain its bright finish with no need for metal polish, requiring only a soft dry cloth for dusting Its construction is made to last, and will stay looking new without extensive maintenance needs. You can easily keep it clean with just a soft dry cloth. This frame is designed for lasting durability and maintenance-free shine and luster. The Nickel-plated finish will stay looking new with minimal effort, just a soft dry cloth for dusting and minor cleaning.

  • New Classic Clear Frame
  • Item: 4X6 803274 & 5X7 803275 
  • Collection: Classic - Picture Frame  
  • Color: Clear 
  • Dimensions: 4"x 6" / 10cm x 15cm & 5"x 7" / 13cm x 18cm
  • Material: Nickel Plate
  • Pattern: New Classic
  • Handwashing Recommended