803293 / 803294 

William Yeoward "Classic" Collection

  New Classic Moss Green Frame utilizes nickel-plating which resists tarnishing due to everyday use. A simple dusting with a soft, dry cloth is all that is required for maintenance; no metal polish should be applied. It offers excellent durability and easy upkeep - a perfect combination for busy households. Thanks to its nickel-plating, the New Classic Moss Green Frame is resistant to tarnishing while offering superior durability. It's easy to keep clean with just a simple dusting of a soft, dry cloth - no metal polish is needed for maintenance. Enjoy lasting beauty and convenience with this frame in your home.
  • New Classic Moss Green Frame 
  • Item: 4X6 6803293 / 5X7 803294 
  • Collection: Classic - Picture Frames 
  • Color: Moss Green
  • Dimensions: 4" x 6" / 10cm x 15cm - 5" x 7" / 13cm x 18cm
  • Material: Nickel Plate
  • Pattern: New Classic
  • Handwashing Recommended