Upgrade your interior design with our Navy Mirrored Trays, complete with elegant handles for added convenience and class. These meticulously crafted trays come in two sizes, Large and Small, and combine premium materials such as durable plastic and luxurious Polyurethane (PU). With their versatility and sophistication, these trays are ideal for displaying your prized possessions or serving in style. Elevate your home with the modern allure of our Navy Mirrored Trays.

  • Navy Mirrored Tray With Handle
  • Item #: 16931B-BL 
  • Small: 2 inches in height, 13.5 inches in width, and 12 inches in depth
  • Large: 2 inches in height, 18.5 inches in width, and 16.5 inches in depth
  • Major Materials: Plastic & PU
  • $74.00
    By K&K