Milly Large Tumbler 

  Introducing the Super Milly Tumbler, your go-to companion for enjoying beverages on the go or at home with peace of mind. Crafted from high-quality acrylic material, this tumbler combines functionality with safety, ensuring every sip is as delightful as the first. Certified by reputable institutions including TÜV, SGS, and Intertek, you can trust that the Super Milly Tumbler meets stringent food safety standards, making it the perfect vessel for your favorite drinks. Designed with your convenience in mind, the Super Milly Tumbler boasts a range of features. Tasteless, odorless, and BPA-free, providing a worry-free drinking experience. While not unbreakable, its sturdy design ensures reliability in everyday use. Withstanding temperatures from -10°C to 50°C, it adapts to your beverage preferences, whether piping hot or refreshingly cold. Hand wash recommended for longevity, ensuring your tumbler remains pristine for years to come. Freezable for convenient storage options, ideal for keeping drinks chilled without compromising taste or quality.

  Moreover, the Super Milly Tumbler comes with a set of usage guidelines to maintain its pristine condition. Avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures and humidity to retain its crystal-clear appearance. Use neutral detergent and avoid abrasive materials, safeguarding the tumbler's surface from scratches. Rinse promptly after use, especially with dairy products, coffee, cocoa, tea, and alcoholic beverages, to prevent potential staining. Elevate your drinking experience with the Super Milly Tumbler, where safety, durability, and style converge in every sip. Whether you're enjoying your morning coffee, staying hydrated throughout the day, or savoring your favorite beverages, this tumbler is the perfect companion for every occasion.

  • Super (large) Milly 
  • Tumbler
  • Material: ACRYLIC
  • Color/Type: Blue / Red / Clear / Frost / Green / Turquoise
  • Dimension: Height 11 cm, Diameter 8 cm, Capacity 250ml
  • Weight: 323 gr
  • Freezable
  • Hand wash recommend to extend product lift
  • not for washing machine or microwave use
  • Only use neutral detergent and abrasive materials for cleaning
  • Use of detergent containing aluminum or metal protection.
  • Brand: Mario Luca Giusti