The MEMENTO Drinking Glass / Highball is not just a glass; it's a piece of art. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this glass is more than a vessel; it's a statement of individuality and style. MEMENTO is synonymous with careful color research, resulting in a mesmerizing array of colors to choose from. Available in lime, pink, light blue, royal blue, white transparent, turquoise, and petrol, this glass adds a pop of color to your table. Each  glass is a testament to skilled craftsmanship. They are made through hand-blowing and handwork, ensuring that no two glasses are alike. The original color intensity of each glass is achieved by coloring it in glass paste. This ensures that the color remains vibrant and distinctive.

MEMENTO's distinctive feature is the presence of unique bubbles inside the glass, created through special lathe work. These bubbles add character and charm to each glass. MEMENTO Originals care for the environment. Products are made of recyclable glass, promoting responsible waste collection and environmental friendliness. You don't have to worry about delicate hand washing. MEMENTO products are dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze. EMENTO is all about embracing imperfections. Our handcrafted process means that each glass may vary in several aspects, such as color tone, base shape, bubble density, and more. These variations make each MEMENTO glass truly unique, a testament to the artistry behind its creation. 

  • Height (cm): 13.70
  • Diameter (cm): 8.70
  • Capacity (l): 0.42
  • Weight (kg): 0.3
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not suitable for use in the microwave or oven.
By Memento