These ornaments are meticulously crafted using mouth-blown glass and hand-painted with intricate horizontal stripes for a distinctive and artistic touch. The ornaments are adorned with glitter detail, adding a touch of sparkle and festive charm to your decorations. Each ornament has a weight of approximately 2.58 grams, making them easy to hang and display on your Christmas tree or around your home.

  These ornaments are perfect for adding a pop of color and sophistication to your holiday décor. Horizontal stripes are available in a variety of beautiful color combinations, each featuring two complementing hues. Whether you choose the medium or large size or mix and match different color combinations, these handcrafted ornaments will enhance the beauty of your festive season. They are sure to become cherished pieces in your holiday ornament collection.

  • Available in two sizes: Medium: 8cm / Large: 10cm
  • Color combinations, each featuring two complementing hues: Coral & Aqua, Cornflower & Aqua, Emerald & Lavender, Periwinkle & Violet, and Soft Pink & Fuchsia.