Florentino Wooden Tray (Antique Gold)

Elevate your home decor with the Florentino Wooden Tray, an exclusive masterpiece crafted for Arte Italica in Florence, Italy. The Florentino Collection boasts six extraordinary handmade wood pieces, each designed to add a unique and refined touch to any room. These elegant accent pieces are not only functional but also strikingly beautiful, capturing immediate attention.

Our classic Florentino Wooden Tray features an exquisite antique gold and silver design, making it a stunning choice for serving or as an everyday accent piece. Available in two sizes, Extra Large and Large, this tray seamlessly blends style and utility.

Add a touch of Italian elegance to your home with the Florentino Wooden Tray, where craftsmanship meets timeless design.

  • Florentino Wooden Tray
  • Tray
  • Type: Wooden
  • Color:  luxurious antique GOLD and SILVER finish
  • Dimensions: Extra Large Tray: 26"L x 19.25"W / Large Tray: 21.25"L x 15"W
  • Care Instructions: Hand clean with a dry soft cloth to maintain its beauty and integrity.
  • SKU: FLO301G
  • BC: 05699380
  • Brand: Arte Italica