3.74 inch / Ø max. 3.23 inch / 7.75 fl. oz. / 5.47 oz

 Elephant, symbol of ancient wisdom and memory.

  The Totem Elephant Cylindrical Box with Cover by Richard Ginori. This exquisite piece from the Totem collection draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and its symbolic creatures. The Elephant, representing ancient wisdom and memory, takes center stage in this unique cylindrical box.

  Elevate your décor and add a touch of symbolism to your living space with the Totem Elephant Cylindrical Box by Richard Ginori. Whether as a functional storage item or a decorative accent, this piece embodies the essence of timeless elegance and wisdom.

  • Dimensions: Height: 3.74 inches (9 cm) Maximum Diameter: 3.23 inches (Ø max.)
  • Capacity: Approximately 7.75 fluid ounces (≈ 230 ml)
  • Weight: 5.47 ounces
  • Low cylindrical box design with a removable cover.
  • Delicate Elephant knob on the cover.
  • Vibrant colors and natural-inspired patterns.
  • Crafted in the tradition of eighteenth-century decorative art.
  • Each piece in the Totem collection features a symbolic animal.
  • Not microwave safe.
  • Hand washing: Suggested to preserve the quality and beauty of this exquisite piece.
By Ginori