The Egrets and Water Lilies Beverage Napkin offers a touch of sophistication to elevate your dining experience. With a package containing 20 napkins, each one is designed with a resealable opening for added convenience, ensuring they remain pristine until you're ready to use them.

Crafted in Germany, these napkins boast premium quality, featuring naturally bleached, 3-ply paper. The absence of chlorine in the bleaching process highlights their commitment to both elegance and environmental consciousness. This attention to detail not only enhances the luxurious feel of the napkins but also reflects a dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Whether you're hosting a formal event, a casual gathering, or simply looking to add a touch of refinement to your daily routine, the Egrets and Water Lilies Beverage Napkin is a tasteful choice that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. Enjoy the elegance and convenience these napkins bring to your table setting.

  • Egrets & Water Lillie's Beverage Napkin
  • Beverage Napkin
  • Color: Sky Blue
  • Artist: BEX PARKIN 
  • Dimension: 5" x 5"
  • Brand: Paperproducts Design
  • SKU: 125002640
  • GTIN: 42838580
  • Made in Germany