The Dicken's Christmas Ornament. This collection of limited editions are numbered and will create lasting memories for your family through generations. Seven days of work go into the making of each piece, guaranteeing an individual, handmade masterpiece is rendered with love. The Dicken's Christmas Ornament is crafted with skill and precision, making it a truly timeless piece that can be passed down through the generations. Each ornament takes a full week to complete, ensuring that each one is of the highest quality. Created with care and attention to detail, the Dicken's Christmas Ornament is the perfect way to honor your family's traditions for years to come. Made with a week's worth of effort, this ornament is sure to become a timeless keepsake.

  • Dicken’s Christmas
  • Color: Red
  • European Glass Ornament
  • Size: 8 Inches
  • LTD: 100
  • Heartfully Yours
  • 2023

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