1.61 inch / Ø 9.65 inch / 9.65 fl. oz. / 1.01 pound


 GINORI CATENE SOUP PLATE - A Porcelain Table Service by Gio Ponti

  Step back in time to the golden era of design with the GINORI CATENE SOUP PLATE, a part of the Catene collection by the legendary Gio Ponti. This porcelain table service harks back to a remarkable decade from 1923 to 1933 when Gio Ponti served as the artistic director of Manifattura, redefining porcelain craftsmanship with his innovative designs.

  In 1926, Gio Ponti's boundless creativity gave birth to a striking design – a series of rectangular rings intricately linked together, forming a chain-like pattern. This design is both sophisticated and elegant, yet it carries an explosive and disruptive geometric movement that remains contemporary to this day. It's a single design element, a touch of color that unites all the pieces in the Catene collection.

The GINORI CATENE SOUP PLATE is available in four exquisite color variants: NERO (Black), SCARLATTO (Scarlet), SMERALDO (Emerald), and ZAFFIRO (Sapphire). Each variant adds its unique charm to your table setting. These minimalist and elegant soup plates are adorned with a lustrous pure gold finish, showcasing the timeless style that porcelain lovers have cherished for generations. Ideal for serving first courses on formal occasions when paired with dinner plates, or simply for everyday gatherings.

  • Catene Soup Plate 
  • Dimensions: Approximately 9.65 inches in diameter, with a height of 1.61 inches.
  • Capacity: Each plate holds approximately 9.65 fluid ounces.
  • Weight: Each plate weighs approximately 1.01 pounds.
  • Not suitable for microwave use.
  • Use dishwasher with extra care (max 50°C / 120°F) to preserve their pristine beauty. 
  • Brand: Ginori


By Ginori