Blue Canton Chamber Stick


 As Mrs. Mottahedeh used to quote an old Chinese saying, “The height of good taste is the appreciation of Blue and White.”

Since Blue Canton was produced (as a style) for over hundreds of years by many, many individual hand-painters, all aspects such as the treatment, the scenes, the quality of the linework, and the composition of the painting will vary. Some pieces will look frilly and abundantly decorated with butterflies, flowers and bugs.  Some will look almost austere, with geometric patterns predominating. So we don’t worry very much that there is great variation in the elements of the decoration from item to item.  It all goes well together and looks wonderful.  Its style is as varied as its original producers.  Blue Canton looks great with other high fire blue and white patterns, also. So be bold and creative and mix it all up. Mix all your high fire porcelain together. There are 150 Mottahedeh Blue Canton items to choose from, including home fragrances and soap dishes.