↥ 3.86 inch / Ø 3.94 inch / ≈ 14.08 fl. oz. / 7.83 oz.


Experience the allure of the Oriente Italiano Collection, where tradition meets artistry in the timeless Antico Doccia shape. Allow the mesmerizing interplay of airbrushed colors and creative fantasy to adorn your tableware, transforming every sip into a moment of wonder.

Each Oriente Italiano mug is a canvas of vibrant colors, meticulously airbrushed to create a harmonious blend of hues that captivates the eye. The intricate patterns and rich tones evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication, making each piece a decorative masterpiece that stands out in any setting.

The Antico Doccia shape, renowned for its classic beauty and ergonomic design, ensures a comfortable grip, enhancing your beverage experience. Whether enjoying a quiet morning coffee or hosting a sophisticated tea party, these mugs bring a touch of Italian artistry to your table.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Oriente Italiano mugs are more than just drinkware—they are a celebration of fine craftsmanship and artistic heritage. Elevate your dining experience and indulge in the exquisite charm of this unique collection. Perfect as a gift or a cherished addition to your own home, each mug promises to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

New Designs Now AVAILABLE Available In Two Stunning Finishes: 

  • Aurum (Gold on White): The Aurum finish is a symbol of opulence and refinement. The delicate gold accents on pristine white create a timeless, classic look that suits any occasion.
  • Rubrum (Gold on Deep Red-Purple): The Rubrum finish exudes a sense of drama and mystique. The rich, deep red-purple background adorned with gold detailing adds a touch of extravagance to your table.

  • Oriente Italiano Mugs
  • Collection: Oriente Italiano
  • Color/Design: Albus (Black on white) / Azalea (Light Pink with gold rim) / Bario (Light Green) / Cipria (Powder) / Citrino (Yellow) / Iris (Turquoise with gold rim) / Malachite (Green) / Pervinca (Blue-violet with gold rim) / Porpora (Purple with gold rim) / Vermiglio (Red-orange)
  • Height: 3.86 inches
  • Diameter: 3.94 inches
  • Volume: Approximately 14.08 fluid ounces
  • Weight: Approximately 7.83 ounces
  • Care: Microwave safe, Dishwasher safe. Use dishwasher with extra care (max 50°C / 120°F)
  • Brand: Ginori


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By Ginori